Marsaille Wells

Marsaille encourages, inspires and deepens the resolve of youth around the world to believe in their dreams, live their life with purpose and love, and to never give up. Marsaille Wells is the granddaughter of Professional Speaker and Trailblazer, Thelma Wells. Marsaille is empowered and anointed to bring HOPE to her generation. 


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Confidence is Compassion -- Not Competition.  Marsaille says, "Don't let jealousy develop into a seed and destroy your destiny!"

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Become your own manager, assistant, and publisher.  Marsaille says, "Don't wait around for success to find you and when it doesn't wonder 'what if'. The POWER is in your control.


Be Anxious for nothing!  Beyonce let's herself be sad for one day and then she moves on.  You have to do this for yourself too. Marsaille teaches, "You have the same hours in the day as everyone else.  Believe, work toward your goals, stay calm and reap the rewards."

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When you surround yourself with Eagles, they will guide you to victory and safety. Make sure your friends don't tear you down, but support you as you support them.  Marsaille teaches, "To evolve into greatness surround yourself with eagles who will fly with you!"

Flying eagles in the mountains

Booking Information

Marsaille is located in the Los Angeles, California area BUT she loves to travel.  So, she's willing to go anywhere in the world to spread joy, hope, love, appreciation, self-worth and fearlessness. What you will need to provide:

* 2 round-trip airline tickets

* 1 hotel room to accommodate two

* An escort

* Transportation

* An honorarium and/or donation

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